Welcome to Anadrasi

Anadrasi aims at offering modern therapeutic and educational services in a calm and creative environment.

Brief history

Anadrasi was founded in May 2007. Responsible for its operation is the psychologist Dimitri A. Christidis, Ph.D. whereas, in the few years before, along with his life partner Angeliki Malisiova, decided to leave behind the cement and the hubbub of the big city. Within this context, Anadrasi was considered to be a place that will be offering high-quality therapeutic services in a quiet and hospitable environment, especially for those people that would be tempted to travel long distances to come here for their treatment. 


  • Rich therapeutic experience gained at recognized clinical and academic centers abroad and in Greece.
  • Applied Psychophysiology, Biofeedback, Clinical Psychology and Cognitive-Behavioral Direction.
  • Calm and positive environment in a place with unique natural beauty that easily combines therapy with restfulness.
  • Collaborations with specialists (doctors and therapists) where needed.